Gambrel Barn

The gambrel barn double sloped roof has a distinctive shape and increased storage capacity. Available in several configurations.

We have 4 main types of gambrel barns. Each serving its own purpose for size and use. Rafters are built to accommodate any height requirements. Now spanning up to 24' wide on our largest building X any length. Very large buildings may require site work, which we can provide. We can also frame on built foundations and concrete slabs; a slab can be provided as well and is ideal when spanning 18' wide or more. See post/slab frame tab.

Mini Barn

Mini barn features 4'-6' walls, along with the gambrel roof there's just enough room for headspace. Several dimensions available.

Low Barn 

The low barn, gambrel style roof with a shorter rafter span allowing a lower average building height. Any height restrictions can be built to spec.

Maxi Barn

Maxi barn pushing rafter spans to the max, the lower side rafter is extended providing much more storage space.

Double Decker 

Our largest barn available. Full 2nd floor and staircase 16'+. 8' or 10' wall height. Usually requires site work. Built in 2-3 days, details considered. 

Inside Look 

Interior barn framing 


Included in any double decker build.